Cybersecurity by the numbers

An easy-to-grasp overview of the current cybersecurity climate demonstrates why cyber hygiene matters to employees. This PDF takes a look at today’s digital threatscape through graph images, putting the stats in perspective.


How can you make the best use of this PDF?

Aware Force cybersecurity awareness content is branded for your organization and perfect for:

Intro to Password Managers

Here are password managers' basic definitions and characteristics for employees’ personal computers. You will find answers to many questions that employees want to ask through this PDF. A great branded-for-you company reference.

Lessons from the biggest breaches of the past year

Live-scoring is a five-question quiz with actionable lessons learned from five of the year’s biggest cyber breaches, including 23andme, T-Mobile, Norton LifeLock, and LastPass.

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No PII is collected in the default format. You also have the option to identify and score individual players.

Password sharing poster

Introducing our newest collection of Cybersecurity posters, showcasing a retro aesthetic that's both timeless and engaging. This is one of four images that feature AI-generated characters and a '70s-inspired design, making them universally appealing. They serve as an additional reminder to your workforce regarding the paramount importance of password protection. Print for posting in buildings or share via your internal communication tools.

Video conference like a pro

Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Workspace, and many others are a big part of many employees’ work experiences. How can they look more like TV personalities than shadow figures? Proven tips on what they can do to best represent your company.