Account Takeovers

How criminals take over social media and bank accounts, locking out the owner and stealing personal information and money. And steps to take now, before trouble hits.

Advice from social media founders

On average, people now dedicate 3 hours and 17 minutes per day to their smartphones. Those who designed social media platforms possess unparalleled insights into their operations. This video presents surprising tips from the Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" regarding how these creators utilize social media. It offers valuable information that your employees can apply not only to their personal lives but also to safeguard their families.  Help empower your employees to remain cyber vigilant both at work and home.

All videos are customized with your branding, which includes an animated treatment of your logo. Videos are delivered in HD MP4 format. Hosting of the video is not included in the base package and can be quoted separately.

Apps that track your data

This graphic, suitable for use as a standalone poster, in a newsletter, or in your Workday or other employee feed, clearly shows the shocking amount of personal information collected by popular apps.

Digital Declutter

We spend 6 ½ hours a day, on average, with our electronic devices. This PDF shows creative, easy ways to make that time more productive and less frustrating.

Don’t believe everything you read on social media

Social Media: this is one poster that all employees can relate to. This design is part of our latest set of Cybersecurity posters. Each of the four images uses AI-generated characters and a '70s-style design.

Fake Job Postings

There is an epidemic of fake job postings and offers on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other platforms. Criminals use the contacts they make to infiltrate current employers. How can a user spot them?

Four Social Media Scams

Examples of four social media dangers include LinkedIn/Facebook messages, posting an office photo, an Instagram account verification warning, and text messages from an online game player. Includes clues to watch for.

Google is changing the way it tracks you online. Now what?

Here’s a live-scoring, five-question quiz that covers how big websites are tracking our behavior as privacy requirements are getting stricter. The quiz remains online for one year from the date of purchase.

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No PII is collected in the default format. You also have the option to identify and score individual players.

Infographic: Millennials vs Seniors

This infographic is designed to make your young and senior employees realize how they’re impacted by cybercrime. Included are the most common ways millennials and seniors get ripped off online and easy-to-remember ways to avoid being a victim.

Keeping schoolkids safe online

What parents should know and do, including quotes from some of the nation’s foremost cyber experts.

Kids’ Favorite Apps

Parents, wondering what apps your kids are using? Some you know (Facebook, Instagram), and some you don’t (Houseparty, Discord) Are the apps safe? Do they share personal information?

LinkedIn and Cyber Safety

900 million subscribers in 200 countries: LinkedIn is the most popular work-related social media platform. So, naturally, it pays to know the rules of cybersafety here.

Pig Butchering Infographic

It's an odd name, but it's a huge cybersecurity issue. This graphic, suitable for use as a standalone poster, in a newsletter, or in your Workday or other employee feed, demonstrates firsthand how criminals use social engineering tactics to approach their victims and steal their money.

We show a real example, analyze the steps being taken, and point out the red flags indicating this is a scam.

Preventing social media account hijacking

This PDF shares smart steps for your employees to take now to prevent personal social media accounts from being hijacked. Excellent tool to have on hand as hackers are getting more savvy on social media. Customized with your company logo.

Privacy in the Age of AI

Live-scoring, five-question quiz with easy-to-understand and memorable facts about Gmail, ChatGPT, Facebook, and safety in the age of artificial intelligence. How do these impact scammers? How do scammers use our everyday platforms to get to us? A player receives their score upon conclusion. Remains online for one year from the date of purchase,

No PII is collected in the default format. You also have the option to identify and score individual players.

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Safety tips for 5 top social media sites

Tik-Tok, X, Facebook, Instagram and more. Five top social media sites and five safety tips for employees and their families to follow.