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Aware Force cybersecurity training and awareness

• Massive employee readership makes you the hero
• Real-time metrics dashboard generates amazing ROI
• Insanely easy to implement and cost-effective

Aware Force delivers timely, actionable cybersecurity news, phishing examples, videos, infographics, plus the latest cyber news — tailored with your branding and messaging.

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Cyber incidents that involve employees
Employess who share passwords with colleagues
Phishing emails that get clicked by employees
Information employees forget one day after cyber training
Engage your employees in cybersecurity year-round with fresh, engaging content, completely branded for you.
Employee Newsletter
Aware Force digital cybersecurity news delivers snackable, useful cybersecurity content branded for you twice every month. It’s easy to use and customize. And employees love it.
Innovative PDFs, videos, interactive phishing examples, cyber headlines…plus monthly metrics to share with management, your cyber insurer, and the board. There’s nothing else like it.
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Cybersecurity Library
Take your pick from our best cyber content. Rich, interactive features with your branding, ready to integrate into your cyber program. Actionable PDFs, broadcast-quality videos, and live-scoring quizzes, available in multiple languages.
Perfect for intranets, social media posts, and onboarding programs. Licensed to your organization in perpetuity.
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For three decades, Aware Force founder Richard Warner covered business and cyber news on radio and television and moderated cybersecurity summits around the United States.
Today he works with a talented team of content and production professionals, translators, and social media contributors to deliver innovative cybersecurity content for FORTUNE 500 companies, governments, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and non-profits.
What readers say about Aware Force
From the Aware Force Cyber Blog.
Employee IRS tax scams
Five Tips to Prepare Your Employees for 2024’s IRS Tax Scams
Learn how to protect your business from IRS tax scams with these proactive tips for CISOs. Discover the latest tax scam threats, statistics, and expert advice to keep your employees safe from phishing emails and IRS impersonation. Stay ahead of cybercriminals with awareness campaigns, early tax filing, IP PINs, password protection, and more. Plus, get a bonus tip to safeguard your finance and HR personnel against CEO impersonation scams.
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Georgia Technology Summit
Aware Force Awarded 2024 Top 40 Innovative Companies in Georgia
Aware Force has been selected as one of the most innovative companies in the Peach State and will exhibit at the Georgia Technology Summit on March 28 ATLANTA (March 13, 2024) – Aware Force is proud to announce it has been selected as one of the 2024 Top 40 Innovative Companies in Georgia. This annual […]
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CISO made a mistake
How Cognitive Bias Affects CISOs and Other Cybersecurity Professionals
Cybersecurity professionals, including CISOs, are not immune to the pitfalls of cognitive bias. This article explores how these biases can lead to mistakes, such as falling for phishing scams, and provides tips for overcoming these biases. It also discusses the solitude of a leader in cybersecurity and how pressure can influence decision-making.
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Cybersecurity: companies that made it too easy for hackers.
My accountant made it too easy for hackers to steal my data, and so did these three big companies.
How my accountant's negligence with her clients’ password relates to similar mistakes by Sony, Verizon, and Facebook that led to major cybersecurity breaches. Learn essential tips to avoid these common pitfalls, protect sensitive information, and keep your team engaged in cybersecurity.
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Cybersecurity Quizzes
5 great cybersecurity quizzes (with answers!) to engage employees.
Discover how cybersecurity quizzes can enhance your training programs with these five engaging cybersecurity quizzes with answers that boost interactivity, offer immediate feedback, and cater to diverse learning styles. It is ideal for CISOs, HR managers, and IT professionals aiming to improve knowledge retention and employee engagement in cybersecurity practices.
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Celebrities victim of cyber scams
Cyber Scams: 5 Cases of Celebrities Falling For Online Frauds
Discover how celebrities have fallen prey to cyber scams, providing valuable lessons for businesses on the importance of cybersecurity awareness. Learn from their experiences to strengthen your organization's defenses against online threats.
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How Aware Force works
You bet! Some of the innovative ways our clients customize their newsletters include profiles of employees who got high scores on cybersecurity exercises, recaps of your monthly phishing exercises (we can do fantastic treatments with that!), updates on technical updates that IT is about to roll out, and cyber events the organization is aware of. Just email us the text. We’ll dress it up to match the rest of the newsletter. No extra charge.
Before each edition, we’ll email you suggested text, including an email subject line, body text, and a promotional graphic. Paste the copy into an email you send to your workforce and post it to your intranet and your internal social media feed.
Absolutely. We provide you with each edition in advance. You choose when and if to send it. You can approve the content or modify it. Let us know if you decide to distribute an edition later, and we’ll remove any outdated content.
We do not use ChatGPT or any other AI tool to generate editorial content because all Aware Force Stories are topical and must be sourced.
We use AI to enhance the style of what you receive.
• We've used Grammarly for nearly two years. This AI app helps improve sentence structure and punctuation in our content.
• We've chosen an AI platform to help improve images like headshots sent by our clients. It's crazy good. Images that were fuzzy come out crystal clear.
• We're comparing the accurancy and fluency of a half-dozen leading language translation platforms so we can begin offering foreign language voiceovers instead of closed captions for our newsletters in languages other than English.
• We're integrating AI-generated artwork and video clips into newsletters. For the upcoming mid-month edition, you'll see the graphic of the teenager that was created by generative AI.
AI is a compliment to what we create. But it requires humans to generate topical, relevant, interesting content.
No. Our metrics reports only show the raw numbers of people who access your newsletter and content and the average time spent viewing. We do not collect personally identifying information, keeping Aware Force compliant with GDPR and CCPA.
Unless otherwise specified, you own non-exclusive rights to the content in Aware Force newsletters produced during your subscription term — except the cartoons. Aware Force licenses cartoons specifically for use within the newsletter. If there’s a cartoon you’d like to use, contact us about rights.
Let us know what’s up: phishing campaigns you’re fighting, a case of business email compromise, an industry-specific threat, new software you’re using, a change in your policy, and notices about upcoming cybersecurity training. Email us at, and we’ll build that content into your upcoming edition at no extra charge.
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Learn innovative ways organizations are using Aware Force through customized-for-you cybersecurity content for employees
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