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Summer is here: how employees should prepare for a cyber-safe vacation

July 28, 2023
Posted by Aware Force

Here’s an opportunity for cybersecurity teams to do good:

Advise employees how to plan for a cyber-safe summer vacation.

According to Travel Agent Central, 85% of Americans will go somewhere this summer. For cybersecurity teams, vacations are a terrific time to engage employees in cyber safety. 

Aware Force has been creating cybersecurity content — branded and tailored for each of our clients — for over seven years, and we understand how vacation cyber safety is evolving. This is your opportunity to be the hero and provide them with a printed checklist to keep electronic devices safe

The cyber-safe summer checklist

Keep it simple and divide that checklist into three columns.

Column #1: steps to take before departing. 

  • Select the devices they’ll actually use. The more they can leave at home, the better. 
  • Back up data so they’ll have it if something happens to their phone. 
  • Set up the phone to require your face ID or fingerprint to access it.
  • Make sure “Find my phone” is turned on.
  • Update the operating system.
  • Get a good screen protector that hides details unless the user looks directly at it.
  • If they’re going to a different country, get the lowdown on pricing plans for making calls and surfing the web before departing. 
  • Consider turning on an “out of office” email responder.

Column #2: While they’re on vacation. 

  • Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi unless using them. 
  • Use a VPN to access the web and email over Wi-Fi.
  • Never let your device(s) out of their site. 
  • Never use a charging cable they found lying around. 
  • Never connect a smartphone to a rental car’s computer screen. 

#3: When they’re back home.

  • Monitor bank statements and frequent flyer accounts for signs of activity they don’t recognize. 
  • And remember to turn off that “out of office” email responder. 

Cyber crooks are taking no vacation

20% of travelers will be victims of some form of cybercrime on vacation this year. Summer vacations are a terrific time to remind your workforce that your cybersecurity team safeguards employees and families year-round. 

To help you and your team prepare to embrace the summer and plan your vacations, we’ve put together a comprehensive poster detailing steps for a cyber-safe holiday. Click the image below to download it for free and share it with your team.

You can also explore our extensive cyber library for content tailored to your specific needs, where you can find many other holiday-related cybersecurity resources to share with your team. 

Enjoy your summer and stay cyber safe!"

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