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CISOs know the rules of password management, employees often do not

April 25, 2023
Posted by Aware Force

Employees of clients who distribute Aware Force e-news have more questions about password management than any other cybersecurity topic. They want to know if and how to use password management software on their personal devices. And because so many share work-related passwords with colleagues to be more efficient on the job, they still need to be reminded of the three best password practices:

  • don't share your password with a colleague
  • don't use the same password for both business and personal accounts
  • don’t repeat passwords in different applications

Sharing passwords leads to privilege abuse, where employees misuse information they've been given legitimate access to, accidentally or intentionally.

Stolen or weak passwords are responsible for 81% of hacking incidents.

A recent survey by Beyond Identity revealed alarming statistics about employees' password habits: 

  • 1 in 4 employees said they still had access to accounts from past jobs 
  • 41.7% admitted to having shared workplace passwords
  • About 1 in 5 used the same password for their personal bank accounts as for work-related accounts. 

Aware Force produces videos, one-sheets, and quizzes about passwords, all tailored for our customers with logos and brand standards. Password-related content remains among our most popular.

Employees know less about password management than you might think. 

Poor password management
It's not for nothing that "123456" and "P@ssword!" are some of the most used passwords.

The key takeaway is that cybersecurity professionals consider proper password security to be basic and understood by all employees. It isn’t. They need to be engaged with content about best practices and common mistakes, such as sharing passwords or using the same password for multiple accounts, employees can significantly reduce the risk of cyber threats and protect their personal information and the organization's sensitive data.

CISOs, IT Managers, and other leaders can be facilitators regarding cybersecurity awareness. One of the best ways to do so is by empowering employees with snackable, relatable, and easy-to-use content.

Ensure your personnel is informed about the latest cyber threats and follow the best practices for online security to minimize their risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks and protect their personal information. A well-informed worker (techie or not) will follow the best practices for password management.

To assist with this vital task, engage your employees in cybersecurity all year long with content branded for your company from Aware Force.
Check our Cybersecurity Newsletter page to get to know more or connect with us, and you'll see why organizations across the US and Canada use outstanding cybersecurity content — branded for them — delivered by Aware Force.

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