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5 great cybersecurity quizzes (with answers!) to engage employees.

May 21, 2024
Posted by Andre Marion
Cybersecurity Quizzes

Are you looking for a way to strengthen your training/program? Look no further: cybersecurity quizzes are an excellent tool for boosting interactivity and engagement. 

Attention span is too precious these days to risk wasting it with dull, static content. The American Academy of Neurology (AAN)1 says using quizzes significantly increases long-term retention: quizzed participants retain almost twice as much knowledge as those without further exposure to the materials.

Reasons to Incorporate a Cybersecurity Quiz into Your Training

Here are three reasons why incorporating cybersecurity quizzes into your training program is highly beneficial:

  1. Enhances Engagement and Retention: Interactive quizzes increase employee engagement by making learning active rather than passive. This interactivity helps combat the forgetting curve—a psychological phenomenon where memory retention declines over time without reinforcement. Challenging employees with quizzes often keeps the information fresh and improves long-term retention.
  1. Immediate Feedback and Reinforcement: Quizzes provide instant feedback to participants, which is crucial for effective learning. The immediate response allows employees to understand what they know and identify areas for improvement. It reinforces correct information and clarifies misconceptions on the spot, making it a powerful tool for solidifying cybersecurity knowledge.
  1. Flexibility for Different Learning Styles: Cybersecurity quizzes are an inclusive tool for diverse workforces, offering flexibility to cater to different learning styles.

How to Incorporate Cybersecurity Quizzes Into Your Program

  1. Onboarding Process: Incorporating cybersecurity quizzes as part of the onboarding process for new employees can help assess their initial knowledge level and introduce them to your company's specific cybersecurity policies and expectations right from the start.
  2. Regular Training Sessions: Use quizzes during cybersecurity training sessions to break up lectures and keep employees engaged. Quizzes can serve as a practical application of the concepts discussed and help reinforce the material.
  3. Post-Training Assessment: Send out a quiz to evaluate employees' learning after a training session. This reinforces the training content and provides insights into areas where the training might need improvement.
  4. Email Campaigns: Include short quizzes in regular email communications to promote cybersecurity awareness. This can be especially effective if you highlight a "Question of the Month" on recent security incidents or emerging threats.
  5. Gamification: Turn the quizzes into a game where employees earn points, badges, or other rewards for correct answers. Leaderboards or friendly competitions between departments can motivate employees to engage more deeply with the content.
  6. Annual Reviews: Incorporate cybersecurity quizzes into annual performance reviews to gauge employees’ long-term retention of cybersecurity practices. This can also help identify ongoing training needs.

Five Live-Scoring Cybersecurity Quizzes You Can Use Right Now

We picked relevant, current topics that are great for engaging your employees. Here they are:

01 - Cybersecurity Definitions

Cybersecurity quiz with answers. Cybersecurtity definitions
cyber security questions for employees
cyber security test questions

Your IT department puts out memos, messages, texts — you name it — to keep your employees engaged in cybersecurity. But would you believe many of them don’t understand what you’re talking about? Yes, even now, after all this time.

This live-scoring quiz will help your employees understand definitions of some of the most common and essential cybersecurity terms.

See here.

02 - Keep Your Credit Cards Secure

Cybersecurity quiz with answers. Credit cards
cyber security questions for employees
cyber security test questions

This is a five-question quiz with exciting facts about the history of credit cards, ways to use credit safely, and what to do if your credit card is stolen. It's a great reminder for the holidays to help your employees stay safe. Players receive their scores upon conclusion.

See here.

03 - Privacy in the Age of AI

Cybersecurity quiz with answers. AI
artificial intelligence.
cyber security questions for employees
cyber security test questions

Easy-to-understand and memorable facts about Gmail, ChatGPT, Facebook, and safety in the age of artificial intelligence. How do these impact scammers? How do scammers use our everyday platforms to get to us? 

See here.

04 - Multi-Factor Authentication

Cybersecurity quiz with answers. MFA
cyber security questions for employees
cyber security test questions
multi factor authentication

Employees will understand Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and how to use it. They will walk away understanding why MFA is a core component of a strong identity and access management for your company.

See here.

05 - Stay Safe on Social Media

Cybersecurity quiz with answers. Social Media
cyber security questions for employees
cyber security test questions

Quiz about easy-to-understand ways to stay safe on social media. Great to share with everyone including employees, kids, and parents. This quiz helps to set the social media awareness standard.

See here.

Can I Get These Cybersecurity Quizzes Branded for My Company?

Why, yes! All of our content is branded for your company. Additionally, a player receives their score upon conclusion, and the quiz remains online for one year from the date of purchase.

No PII is collected in the default format. You also have the option to identify and score individual players, which is an option that can be quoted separately.

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