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Password managers: your employees have questions

April 25, 2023
Posted by Aware Force

Employees are more curious and confused about password management than any other cybersecurity topic. “How to choose a good password manager?” is the number 1 cybersecurity question employees asked through Aware Force’s employee Q&A engine over the past 12 months. 

Yes, employees at nearly all medium-to-enterprise size organizations receive extensive training in cybersecurity. But employees tell us their experience taking awareness training often exhibits three challenges:

  • Complex Technical Concepts
  • Infrequent Training Sessions
  • Lack of Engaging and Practical Content

This makes it difficult for employees to keep important cyber information fresh in their minds.

The solution for that is providing your personnel with topical, engaging, and snackable content. Content that is designed to effectively capture employees' attention with its short, easily digestible format. 

Concise and targeted information allows employees to quickly grasp key concepts without feeling overwhelmed, improving information retention.

By integrating such content into daily routines, organizations can provide frequent reinforcement of important cybersecurity concepts. This approach fosters continuous learning, keeping critical knowledge fresh in employees' minds and promoting a security-conscious culture within the organization.

To ensure personnel is informed about the latest cyber threats and follow the best practices for online security to minimize their risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks and protect their personal information, Aware Force offers a whole library of cyber content tailored for your needs and branded for your organization.Check our Cybersecurity Library page to get to know more or connect with us. You'll see why organizations across the US and Canada use topical cybersecurity content — branded for them — delivered year-round by Aware Force.

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